Letter to the delegates


Dear Delegates,

It is a moment of pride and privilege for me to welcome you at the 2nd IIMS International Conference in the historic and picturesque city, Penang. The flavour of the conference has been enriched by the joint participation of Auckland Institute of Studies, St. Helens (AIS), a prestigious Institute of Auckland in New Zealand which made the conference a special one.

Penang, as it is called “Pearl of the Orient” is an important metropolis of Malaysia having a rich cultural heritage with harmonious multiracial populace having ornately designed edifices, beautiful beaches and fishing villages. Penang presents a glimpse of the world where nature, tradition and history blend into a rich cultural tapestry. Here George Town, named after the British King George III is Penang’s capital city, now a heritage site, a place worth seeing.

Malaysia has a long history of unrest in the fag end of British regime, at the end it emerged as an independent country in 1957, when Tunku Abdul Rahaman Putra Alhaj became its first Prime Minister. Malaysia is noted for production of rubber, spices, tin and of course cocoanut plantation; cocoanut tree is the National tree of Malaysia.

I take the opportunity to entreat the honourable delegates to count for the dignity an importance of this conference where we will share all the deliberations and presentations on various issues relating to the social and economic affairs for having appropriate directions beneficial to human being and for ecological balance. Our honoured delegates will, hopefully be eager to participate in different discussions with Socratic elenchus and introspection.

I believe, Human Resource is one of the precious resources in the world, Human capital play a significant role towards creating development to make our earth beautiful, peaceful and create a congenial atmosphere in all directions for extending the petals of inner beauty of the human race as a whole.

Hope you will enjoy every moment of the conference with pleasure and enthusiasm.

I extend my heartfelt good wishes and thanks to you all.

Sandip Kar
Chairman, International Institute of Management Sciences (IIMS), Calcutta
President, Conference Organising Committee