THEME: – “Development Management in 21st Century” 


Panel A:                                                                                                               Chairman:

Trade & Development                                                                                          Co- Chairman:

1]Globalization & trade pattern

2] International trade & growth pattern of developing countries

3] Regional growth & international trade

Panel B:                                                                                                                Chairman:

Poverty & Third world Development                                                                     Co- Chairman:        

1] Poverty & development

2] Poverty  measurement

3] Poverty eradication

Panel C:                                                                                                                Chairman:

Education & Development                                                                                     Co- Chairman:          

1] Skill based education in modern times.

2] Information management & development

3]Privatization of education & development

Panel D:                                                                                                                Chairman:          

Human Resource & Development                                                                         Co- Chairman:

1] Human capital & economic growth

2] Training, labour productivity & development

3] Current trends & issues in human resource management

Panel E:                                                                                                                     Chairman:

Management of financial crisis & Development                                                        Co- Chairman:

1] Banking system & development practices

2] Government intervention & fiscal management for financial crisis.

3] International organizations & its financial crisis management

Panel F:                                                                                                                       Chairman:    

Morality & development                                                                                               Co- Chairman:

1] Corporate ethics & social responsibility.

2] Ethical practices in small business.

3] Ethics, education & development

Panel G:                                                                                                                    Chairman:

Science &  technology  development                                                                        Co- Chairman: 

1] Technology innovation & development

2] Science & technology in developing developmental  infrastructure.

3] Science & technology management in healthcare.

Panel H:                                                                                                                       Chairman:

Environmental pollution & Green Development                                                         Co- Chairman:              

1] Curse of civilization in the form of environmental degradation

2] Economic growth & environment

3] Alternative strategies for Green Development.

Panel I:                                                                                                                  Chairman:

Role of Agriculture in Economic Development                                                   Co- Chairman:                       

1] Agricultural technology & productivity

2] Agro industry & development

3] Agrarian research & development in Philippines


Last Date of Submission:

Abstract: 5th October, 2013

Full Paper: 31st October, 2013

Guidelines for Submission:

1] Abstract: Within 350 words

2] Full Paper:
a)   Within 15 pages
b)   With a title and panel name; authors name, institutional affiliation, full postal contact details including e-mail addresses.
c)   Must be in word file: size A-4, double space, font size: Times New Roman 12pt.

3]  Reference citation to be followed in Harvard Style, in both text and in the list of references which will have to be  prepared in alphabetical order

4]  To be sent to Dr. Sandip Kar electronically by the specified dates to the e-mail address:

5]  Hard Copies

a) 2 for office

b) 20 for distribution among delegates


Publication of Abstracts

Selected papers will be published in a Refereed International Journal or in an edited book.

Note: The Committee reserves all rights to accept/reject/edit the manuscript as deemed necessary.