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Message from Vice President (Administration)


Dear Delegates,

I am delighted again to be attending this stimulating series of conferences on world developmental issues. These conferences have been gathering momentum and attracting interest from experts from all over the world. As each year draws to a close, we come together to report on their research initiatives, provide feedback on findings, and compare methodological approaches utilised in this multidisciplinary field.

Recent trends in development, particularly countries such as India and China, have challenged researchers to explain the process of development satisfactorily within the Harrod-Domar or Amartya Sen models. This year’s theme: “Managing development in emerging economies” draws representatives from countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, India and China creating a unique pool of expertise that adds additional value to this conference. The views of participants from both from developing and developed parts of the world will provide a stimulus for achieving a deeper understanding of the processes and challenges involved in managing development.

The organisers of the conference attract in new institutional partners from different countries each year. I am very happy to see the involvement of our sister school , XIT China this year, along with IIMS India; AIS New Zealand; UiTM Malaysia and Cavite University Philippines. I am sure this growing network of institutions, with shared research interests, will continue to grow and to influence policy formulation in both governments and international development organisations to achieve better outcomes.

The knowledge gained and disseminated through these conferences addresses the values and principles we all hold dear in our various disciplines involved in the broad field of development. Auckland Institute of Studies, New Zealand is a proud to participate in Conference 2014 and I wish the delegates a warm welcome on behalf of the organizing committee.

I hope you have a very productive, and energising, few days and enjoy the wonderful hospitality from our Chinese host institution.

Dr. Richard Goodall
Vice-President (Administration), Conference Organizing Committee,
President, Auckland Institute of Studies, New Zealand.