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Managing Dev in developing countriesModern Management: Modern Management is a journal of International Institute of Management Sciences, Kolkata. It deals with all the contemporary issues of modern management. Articles are contributed our Faculty as well as eminent research scholars around the world highlighting several important issues concerning development and management in the 21st Century. It also deals with socio economic issues in our economy.

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Managing Dev in developing countriesManaging Development in Developing Countries
The UNDP has identified the key elements of development-friendly governance such as the participation of beneficiaries, rule of law, transparency, responsiveness, effectiveness, efficiency and accountability. It is essential how we can maintain pluralistic societies without degenerating into social disintegration with the challenges that we are facing now-a-days. Good governance is thus more than mere sound and efficient public administration.

In this book, scholarly written research works by distinguished experts have been presented. The outcome of the book will make a meaningful contribution to illustrate the meaning of development theories.

Managing Dev in developing countriesHuman Capital, Education and Environment: Some Critical Issues
Sustainable environment and efficient human capital are crucial factors for attaining desired developmental aspiration of every nation. Investment in education does not only contribute in building human capital and environmental sustainability by effective utilization of resources, but it also contributes positively to other socio-economic factors of the society. In this book discussions on the relationship of sustainable environment, human capital, education, poverty and human health as well as discussions on different theories and case studies have been presented.

Managing Dev in developing countriesTechnology Sustainability and Managing Development in Developing Countries
The current book aims to compile the latest contribution towards the role of technology in development of developing countries. This initiative to summarize the findings of related articles in relation to technological initiatives in development is a distinctive attempt and provides a fresh look towards a very important factor of development as identified in other studies. The book aims to initiate further studies in this field and result in to policy initiatives by the governments of developing countries to truly acknowledge the role of technology in development and embrace the changes which is necessary for successful implementation of development initiatives.