Call for the papers



Theme: “The 4th Industrial Revolution : Opportunities and Challenges”


Industrial Revolution : Its Impact on Economic Growth,

4th Industrial Revolution and Social development,


Panel A1: Chairman: Dr.D.Swamikannan
  Co- Chairman:
Panel A2: Chairman: Dr. Muhamad Sukor Jaafar
Prospects of Digital Commerce in shaping 4th Industrial Revolution

Innovation in Science and Technology and its impact on Industrial Revolution,

4th Industrial Revolution and its impact on Environment,

Role of Entrepreneur in Propagating 4th Industrial Revolution

Panel B1: Chairman: Dr. D. P. Misra
Panel B2: Chairman: Dr. Anirban Ghosh
The Industrial Revolution : Region wise/ Country wise trends & Experiences

Skill Management in the context of 4th Industrial Revolution

Panel C1: Chairman: Dr.  Balkis Haris
Panel C2: Chairman: Dr. Subir Bandyopadhyay
Paper Submission
Last Date of Submission:
  • Abstract: 1st October, 2018
  • Full Paper: 20th November, 2018
Guidelines for Submission:
  • 1] Abstract: Within 350 words, with a title and panel name; authors name, institutional affiliation, full postal contact details including e-mail addresses.
  • 2] Full Paper:
  • a) Within 15 pages
  • b) With a title and panel name; authors name, institutional affiliation, full postal contact details including e-mail addresses.
  • c) Full paper in word file: size A-4, double space, font size: Times New Roman 12pt.
  • 3] Reference citation to be followed in Harvard Style, in both text  and in the list of references which will have to be prepared in alphabetical order.
  • 4] To be sent to Dr. Sandip Kar electronically by the specified dates to the e-mail address:                                  
  • 5] Hard Copies
  • a) 2 for office
  • b) 20 for distribution among delegates
  • 1) Paper to be selected through blind peer review process.
  • 2) Selected papers will be published in :
  • a) Edited book
  • b) Modern Management (International Journal)
  • c) Journal of  International Education And Business (JIEB), Auckland Institute of Studies, New Zealand.
Note: The Committee reserves all rights to accept/reject/edit the manuscript as deemed necessary.

Paper Presentors at 8th IIMS International Conference

 1. Dr. Mrs. Dhulasi Brundha Varadarajan–Digitalisation of Energy sector in India under Fourth Industrial Revolution.

2. Prof. Dr. Geetha Subramaniam  & Prof. Aizat Kamaruddin—–University Students’ BehaviourTowards Educational Loan Repayment

3. Dr. Ershad Ali—-Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Controlling the Impact of Job Stress on Organizational Commitment: A study on banking sector of Bangladesh

4. Dr. Kenneth E. Jackson—-Globalisation, Technological Change, Labour Productivity, Employment and Economic Growth: The case of mining in Developing Countries

5. Dr. Sid Sirisukha—-The Development of Knowledge Management by Using Resource-Based View for the Sustainable Competitive Advantage

6. Ms. Nalinkanchana Passornmetee —–Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Female Labor Force Participation in Thailand

7. Dr. Subir Bandyopadhyay &   Mrs. Indira Banerjee——Industry ,Technology and Development of Social  Values  :  A relation  dynamics

8. Dr. Sisir Kumar Bhattacharyya—-Productivity and Customer Services in Indian Banks

9. Dr. N.T. Taglani—–The 4th Industrial Revolution and Impact of Industrial Development in the Emerging Economy of Kachchh District of Gujarat –India

10. Dr.C.Kandeepan—–Screening and characterization of predominant gut microbiota of freshwater fishes from Aaliyaru dam, Tamilnadu

11. Prof. D.P.Misra & Prof. S.R. Das——Elevating the Financial Status of Women through Self-Help Groups a Key to Socio-economic Development of Odisha: An Exploratory Study

12.  Dr. T. Ramanathan—–CSR- A Review on Corporate Social Responsibility activity on Education sector by                                    Bangalore based companies

13. Dr.D.Swamikannan——Risk And Benefits Of Women Entrepreneur In The Era Of Fourth Industrial  Revolution

14. Dr. A.Rethinapandy——A Study on Growth of Industrial Development under Five Years Plans in India

15. Dr. P. Ravichandran ——Energy Crisis And Its Impact On Indian Economy

16.  Dr. S. Brinda Uma Maheswari—–Industrial Revolution: Its Impact On Indian Economic Growth During Post-Colonial Period

17.  Dr. Vikram Chadha &  Dr. Heena Sachdeva—–How adequately prepared India is to negotiate the challenge of fourth industrial revolution—a representative case study of the quality and employability of technical manpower in India’s ICT Sector

18.  Prof. Prabal Dasgupta——The Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Possibility or a Distant Reality

19. Prof. Debes Mukhopadhayay—–The Fourth Stage of IR – Are We Ready to Embrace?

20. Dr. Sandip Kar—–The 4th industrial revolution in India, amidst challenges:  an introspection

21. Dr. Anirban Ghosh—–Need of Vocational Education and Training -Indian perspective

22. Dr. Deja Lojnsirisilp——Management Information System for Small Garment Manufacturing : Sewing Line Production Control and Payroll System.

23. Abdul Hamid Abdul Halim——The Relationship between Collectivism and Individualism under Geert Hofstede Dimension towards Customer Service Satisfaction in Retail Sector

24. AzimahDaud, Azlin Abdul Latif, Marhani Mohamed Anuar—–Public opinions on the implementation of smart mobility initiatives in the era of industrial revolution 4.0

25. Azitadoly Mohd Arifin, Faziatul Amillia Mohamad Basir, Nurfariza bt Azhari——Determinants of social media risk attitude

26. Farah Syazreena Azmi, Norfadzilah Abdul Razak, Ayu Rohaidah Ghazali——-Regression Analysis on Digital Learning Platform and Students Satisfaction

27. Jalilah Ahmad, RosmimahMohd. Roslin, Mohd. Ali Bahari Abdul Kadir——Limiting Beliefs and Growth Mindset as Manifestations of  Eudaimonic Well-Being Experience of Halal Executives  

28. Muhamad Sukor Bin Jaafar—–Technical analysis efficiency enhancement in moving average indicator through artificial neural network

29. MohamadNaqiuddinMd Mansor, NurIdayu Badrolhisam, NorhidayahMohd Rashid, Hairunnisa’ Ma’amor—–Vending machine purchasing experience among student in university’s college

30. Norfadzilah Abdul Razak, Ramita Abdul Rahim, Maimunah Md Shah——Regression Analysis of Knowledge Sharing Behavior

31. NuryusmawatiMohdYusof,MohdSyamimCheMuhamad Hariri,Ahmad Shazeer Mohamed Thaheer,  Syed Asherene Syed Omar——The Adoption of Electronic Payment System (EPS) Among Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs) in Malaysia

32. Dr. Prasanta Kumar Padhy——Empowering Employees in the Digital Era: A Critical Perspective

33. Rubaiyet Hasan Khan—–Social media ‘Buzz’: An indication of development through communication or just a derision

34. Dr. Saliza Sulaiman——The impact of economic indicators, industrialization and pollutant emissions ( co2) on economic development in Malaysia

35. Kamarul Ariffin, S N Haris, ; Abd Rahman, ——Big Data Analytics and Bank Performance

36. ZahariahSahudin, Hasni Abdullah, NurZahidahBahrudin—–
Determinants of Capital Structure:
Shariah-compliance Firms

37. Zuraidah Ismail——The relationship between quality of life towards gross domestic product in Malaysia

38. Aditi Gain & Binamra Manna——Role of management in 4th industrial revolution

39. Dr .Manaswita Biswas——Fourth Industrial Revolution “Healthcare Scenario”